White grapefruit (each)

Gowanlea Nurseries


White grapefruits are large fruits, averaging 8 to 15 centimeters in diameter, and are round, ovate, to oblate in shape, sometimes bearing a slightly flattened base. The peel is smooth, glossy, and semi-thin with a lightly pebbled texture, covered in small oil glands that release fragrant, essential oils. The peel also generally ripens from green to yellow, but some green spots may remain on the surface at maturity, depending on the variety, and are not indications of ripeness. Underneath the peel, a thick, white, and spongy pith is tightly adhered to the flesh, and fibrous membranes divide the flesh into 10 to 14 segments. The flesh has a translucent, yellow-hue and is aqueous, tender, and semi-firm, encasing many cream-colored seeds or being found seedless. The flesh's core may also appear hollow or solid, depending on the variety and growing conditions. White grapefruits have an aromatic and subtle, floral fragrance and contain balanced levels of acidity and sweetness, contributing to the fruit’s subtly sweet, tart, and mildly bitter flavor.

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