8” Christmas Holly Wreath

Gowanlea Nurseries



We make our own fresh holly wreaths using local natural material from sustainable sources.

The fresh holly wreaths have a moss base using an 8 inch ring. We then gather fresh holly especially  selected for wreath making which forms the holly wreath It is then decorated with a selection of Christmas ribbon, real pine and other  coniferous  cones, replica Christmas baubles & parcels, replica or real holly berries (depending on the season and whether the birds have got their first!

Red -Red ribbon, baubles, parcels 

silver - Silver Ribbon, Baubles . Parcels 

Gold- As pictured

Red/Gold- Mix of above 


Flowers  by  Margo may be required to substitute any type for one of
equal value and similar appearance in the event of certain goods being unavailable at the time of order.

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